Abraham brings a strong background in web development and software engineering.

As a Senior Developer, Abraham designs, builds and maintains client websites, apps and databases.

Prior to joining Warschawski, Abraham worked as a Senior Software Engineer for Evergreen Financial Services. As a seasoned software developer and security engineer, Abraham has expertise in software architecture, design, development, and automation.  He has experience implementing creative solutions to solve technical challenges, and a proven track record of shipping high-quality software across On-prem and cloud.

Abraham is a Google Cloud certified professional cloud architect, an ISACA certified information security manager, an Amazon Web Services certified developer, and has received several Red Hat certifications in Linux performance tuning, Linux security, enterprise application server administration, and identity management security.

Abraham received his Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Caritas University, and later found his passion for development.

When not in the office, Abraham enjoys discovering various nature spots and parks with his wife, playing video games (FIFA to be specific), and exploring new cloud technologies.