Today more product searches start on Amazon than on Google – and $0.43 of every $1.00 spent online is done through Amazon

To help you accomplish your business goals and achieve success on Amazon, our team of Amazon experts delivers the key services that help optimize your strategy, accelerate sales, and protect your brand.

Amazon Management That Delivers Real Business Results

With more than two million sellers competing for attention and sales, it is more important than ever to ensure that every component of your Amazon strategy is optimized, from campaign strategy & structure to product listings, ad creative and ROI management.

Basic Tactics & Cookie-Cutter Approaches Don’t Cut It

We know first-hand the complexity involved in successfully managing and optimizing Amazon accounts. That’s why we take a data-driven approach supported by a time-tested proprietary process to manage your Amazon advertising.

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Amazon PPC Services

Comprehensive Amazon PPC Audit

Before we can help you achieve your Amazon PPC goals, we first need to understand your business’ unique situation, challenges and objectives. Unlike other agencies, we take a holistic approach to Amazon PPC management and want to understand your entire business – from your strategic brand position to your visual identity and business goals.

During the audit, our team of Amazon PPC experts will analyze each and every aspect of your Amazon PPC account, including:

• Campaign Strategy & Structure
• Operational Performance of Each Campaign, Ad Group & Product
• Product Listing Optimization
• Advertising Campaign Spend, Advertising Cost of Sales (ACoS) and Return on Investment (ROI)
• Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats to your Account & Brand
• Strategic Brand Management & Protection

Campaign Strategy, Management & Optimization

There are millions of sellers on Amazon, all vying for sales and dollars in an increasingly competitive environment. The traditional PPC strategies tactics that once drove sales are no longer as effective, and as a result, sellers are seeing their ACoS grow while their ROI declines.

We leverage our deep PPC experience and in-depth knowledge of the Amazon PPC platform with a data-driven approach and proprietary process to give you a competitive advantage. Based on our audit of your account, we’ll craft a customized strategy that is tailor-made for your business, then implement, manage it and optimize it.

Our on-going monitoring and optimization process relies on the same data-driven approach we take with every aspect of your account, so we can quickly identify and address areas of concern, make product and bid adjustments as necessary to minimize your ACoS and maximize your ROI, maintain excellent seller metrics and protect your brand(s) from counterfeiters and unauthorized sellers.

Product Listing Optimization

If your goal is to maximize your Amazon ROI, it is essential for every component of your Amazon strategy to be flawless. The way you build your product listings pages, your Amazon A+ and your Enhanced Brand Content all influences how highly and how frequently your products are ranked in search results – both paid and organically.

Our team of Amazon experts will help you through both the technical and creative aspects of Product Listings, providing guidance and recommendations on how to best position your products to resonate with consumers as well as the technical know-how to ensure that your product listings are optimally-structured on the back-end.

Amazon PPC Management

One of the most effective tactics for driving new, qualified buyers to your product listings is Amazon pay-per-click advertisements. Our team of Amazon experts and digital strategists will help you identify the right audiences and keywords to target, effectively and efficiently reach those audiences, and do so at a profitable ACoS so you can achieve your ROI objectives.

Whether you’re using Seller or Vendor Central (and, as a result, the Amazon Sponsored Products platform or AMS platform), our strategic approach remains the same: by combining our data-driven approach and proprietary process with an in-depth understanding your business, your customers and your strategic positioning, we can ensure that you are reaching the right individuals at a sustainable cost, converting them into customers at a profitable rate, and intelligently re-engaging them in the future.

Brand Protection

Amazon is a massive marketplace, with millions of sellers competing for your target audience’s dollars – and like any marketplace, there are some competitors that aren’t playing fairly. We understand the damage an unauthorized retailer or counterfeiter can do to your hard-earned reputation and your bottom-line, which is why we constantly monitor Amazon for third-party sellers who could harm your brand.

While Amazon does not have a track record of protecting the brands of its third-party sellers, we do – and we will do everything that can be done to ensure that unauthorized retailers and counterfeiters do not damage your brand or your bottom line.

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