A Day As a Creative

Shoshana Mensh

People always ask me about a typical day at my internship, so I wanted to share my experience as a Creative Assistant Associate at Warschawski. Every day at the agency is different and full of action-packed fun.

Whether it’s working on banner ads, editing photos, or just hanging out with everyone at the office, there is never a dull moment. As a Creative Associate (CA), I’m constantly challenged with new projects, tasks, and assignments. Each is exciting and helps me sharpen my creative design skills. I work with every member of the team to create and implement design solutions that meet the needs of our clients.

One of the things that is most unique about the agency is that everyone works together, no matter your area of expertise. While I mainly work on creative projects, I’m exposed to other areas of marketing communications and can see how they all connect. I have had the opportunity to both assist our videographer and photographer in an exciting photoshoot, and assess and edit the photos for the client’s online ads. Photography is something I have never done before, but it is an area that I’m really looking forward to learning more about. The creative team allows me to really push my boundaries and explore any area in the marketing space. At Warschawski, the sky’s the limit!

What I enjoy most about Warschawski is the friendly, family-like and energetic atmosphere. Everyone is always ready to help, no matter what the situation. Anytime I have a question, or just want to collaborate, the door is always open. Everyone is so genuinely sincere and excited to come to work every day. This environment breeds productive work and happy clients. One of my favorite parts of my internship has been our monthly outings called a ‘TACO’ (thrill and care outing.) and the team gets out of the office and does something fun together. It really helps everyone bond, relax and to get to know each other better outside of work. My first ‘TACO’ was painting pottery, where everyone got to pick out a piece of pottery and customize it to reflect their vision. It was great to see how everyone encouraged one another and we all had a blast.

My time at Warschawski thus far has allowed me to gain insight into design, see how all of the marketing communications disciplines are tied together, and see the importance of being part of an incredible team. Every day I come to work excited for new projects and the new skills I will gain from working on them. The energy and creativity at Warschawski inspires me to perform my best. I always look forward to what the next day brings.

I would recommend that anyone searching for an internship opportunity should look into what the culture is like and what type of hands-on opportunities the company provides. While I came to Warschawski to learn about design, I gained a deeper understanding and view on marketing communications, how culture is king, and what it truly means to be successful in the industry.