Branding Is An Area Of Strong Expertise For Us

We are known for branding. We write about it, lecture about it, and frequently get calls from the media to provide expert commentary on the topic. We’ve created new company names and logos and built brands from scratch into household names. We’ve also helped established brands significantly grow the strength and resonance of their brand with their target audiences.

As a brand strategy and design agency, we regularly help organizations clarify, define and come to consensus on their brand DNA, brand values, brand positioning, key messages, and target audiences.

Branding Services

Brand Discovery & Education

Brand research
Conduct in-depth market research to aid in brand positioning (e.g. market opportunity/threats, brand perception, key audience demos, consumer insights, and influencer insights)

Branding education and brand workshops
Educate company leadership on what branding truly is, how it works, and why it is critical to the long-term success of any organization – both B to B branding and B to C branding

Top management brand building consulting
Counsel top management on how to harness the power of their brand and how to use PR, marketing, advertising, digital, creative design and social media to grow their brand

Brand Strategy

Branding workshops and branding sessions
Lead and facilitate goal oriented branding meetings -- from a workshop or seminar with a large audience to a full-day branding session with a select group of an organization’s top leadership

Key brand elements articulation and consensus
Guide organizations to clarify, define and come to consensus on:  brand DNA, brand values, brand-building strategy, brand positioning, key brand messages, and target audiences

Brand strategy development
Make the brand come to life internally and externally by creating marcom strategies and tactics and then being responsible for implementing them both internally and externally

Branding Deliverables

Brand architecture and brand manuals
Create “Brand Guide Books” or “Brand Constitutions” that provide clarity for organizations on all elements of how the brand is to be lived and used by the organization’s team members

Brand identity guidelines
Create guidelines for how the brand identity is to be used consistently in any graphic or visual design scenarios, as well as proper usage for any third parties who may use your brand

Brand naming, brand logo design and trademarking
Evolve or create new names and logos for companies and organizations, and trademarking the new names and logos – often includes securing appropriate URLs for the new identity

Brand hierarchy or brand family strategy development
Create a strategic system for how multiple brands and brand names and logos work in concert with one another with easy to understand and use guidelines

Brand Roll-Out

Brand collateral system development
Design and develop print and digital collateral material that articulates and reinforces the brand (e.g. website, social media platforms, business cards, brochure, signage, advertisements, etc.)

Internal brand launch or brand roll-out events and campaigns
Ensure that the brand is understood and embraced by internal teams by creating roll-out events and implementing internal programs that help reinforce the brand on an ongoing basis

External brand launch or brand roll-out events and campaigns
Create strategies, programs, and/or events to launch the new brand to external constituencies that truly makes your brand stand out and be memorable

On-going reinforcement of the brand
Develop internal and external strategic programs and tactics to ensure the brand lives, breathes and thrives well after the initial launch – we work with you to make the results measurable

The most critical element for creating a successful communications strategy is having clarity of your brand. It is the foundation.

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"I truly appreciated the Power of W which you provided DeWALT with over the years. As a corporation and a brand we benefited greatly from your products and services in ways we can and can’t necessarily measure."

Jon Howland Director of Brand Marketing

Branding Snapshot

Warschawski is an award-winning branding agency with offices in New York City, Washington D.C. and Baltimore. We are recognized as one of the top full-service branding agencies and branding consultants in the U.S. and provide clients, whether large or small, with the full array of branding services - from brand research, brand and target audience insights, and the development of an organization's brand identity and strategic brand positioning to creative design, logo design, name creation, trademark services, web and social media design, and brand and style guide manuals.

Warschawski is one of the only branding firms in the in the Mid-Atlantic region (from NYC to Baltimore and DC) that offers all of the services of an advertising agency, marketing firm, digital agency, public relations (PR) firm, web design firm, creative design agency, VR/AR and Amazon marketing agency, and crisis communications firm all under one roof.