We've handled all shapes and sizes of crisis communication situations. From Fortune 100 publicly-traded companies to small nonprofits — we’ve earned an outstanding reputation for creating the best possible results in situations that are exceedingly delicate. Our #1 priority is always to work with you to quickly minimize the danger and damage a crisis situation can cause and limit the amount of attention it will receive from certain audiences.

Holistic Crisis Communication Strategy

We’ll work strategically, holistically, and expeditiously to solve the problem. What sets Warschawski apart from other agencies that work on crises is that we see our role as being the strategic leader in helping resolve the issue, not simply as the communications firm hired to be the mouthpiece to the media.

Unlike other crisis management firms, we always provide expert senior counsel and embrace it as our responsibility to work hand in hand with lawyers, investigators, boards of directors, executive teams and other parties to ensure that we get the best result for our clients. We will work tirelessly to ensure that the issue is resolved holistically, with the best overall outcome in mind, not just the best communications outcome in mind. As a crisis management agency, our public relations and crisis communications team strives to de-escalate crises and get your business back on track.

Crisis Communication Services

Sample Highlights of Crisis Work

  • Product malfunction cases with potential for massive product recall or product boycotting
  • Wrongful death scenarios and the possibility of legal action
  • Numerous and varied CEO / senior management crises ranging from CEO termination and CEO integrity issues, to SEC and governmental compliance issues
  • Major staff layoffs, restructuring, plant closings, outsourcing of jobs outside the U.S.
  • Personal reputation issues
  • Illegal or perceptually illegal actions by individuals or leadership within an organization
  • IPO preparation and quiet period compliance issues, M&A prep and integration work
  • Questionable and / or illegal SEC compliance issues

Crisis Communications Services Warschawski Offers Include

  • Top-level senior counsel on how to strategically resolve the crisis scenario to best effect
  • All types and levels of media relations surrounding crisis communications
  • Internal organizational / staff communications and core constituency communications
  • Media training of spokespeople
  • Speech writing for CEO announcements, op-ed writing, and letter writing
  • Monitoring media and core constituency activities to gauge when to take or not take action
  • Preparation of crisis communications plans and manuals
  • Crisis communication strategy creation and implementation

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Our Services

Crisis Communications Snapshot

Warschawski is an award-winning crisis communications firm with offices in New York City, Washington D.C. and Baltimore. We are recognized as one of the top public relations (PR) and crisis management firms in the U.S. Warschawski provides clients, whether large or small, with the full array of crisis communications services - from top-level senior counsel and guidance, preparation of crisis communications plans and manuals, monitoring media and constituency activities as well as all types of media relations surrounding the crisis, media training of spokespeople, internal and core constituency communications, and speech writing for CEO announcements, op-ed writing, and press release writing.

We believe digital and online mediums are revolutionizing how crisis communications work needs to be done. That is why we have eight Google Certified Analysts on staff, as well as many outstanding web designers, digital PR crisis pros and digital crisis copywriters. We also believe that the best crisis communications results are created when your firm has strong integrated marketing communications understanding and capabilities. That's why Warschawski is one of the only crisis communications firms in the in the Mid-Atlantic region (from NYC to Baltimore and DC) that offers all of the services of an advertising agency, marketing firm, digital agency, public relations (PR) firm, branding agency, VR/AR and Amazon marketing agency, and web design firm all under one roof.