Choosing the Right Font for Your Brand

Corin Tahinos

In the world of visual communication, typography is often the backbone of design. Typography sets the mood and tone for how the target audience will feel about a design. Clearly, it is important to take time to select the best font to help you communicate the intended emotion and send the right message. You don’t want the message to be confusing or convoluted due to poor font choices.

Choosing a font for your brand can be tricky — here are some quick tips to help you with this process.

Let’s get to know the font families!

Font choices are also important to creating hierarchy. Hierarchy is the system for organizing type to establish importance of information. For effective communication, it is important that the audience can comfortably understand the order and importance of the information. Some methods to create visual typographic hierarchy are size, weight, color, position, and contrast. Without this, every word in a design would look the same.

There are thousands of different typeface options out there, which gives designers a lot of creative freedom to establish hierarchy. However, there are some basic guidelines for choosing the right fonts and how to pair fonts together to create better typographic hierarchy.

Things to remember:
You want to create an emotional connection — your font choice should reinforce this emotion.

Your message is important, make sure it is easy to read.

When choosing two fonts, make sure they complement each other and don’t clash.

Each choice should have a purpose to help visually get your message across.

Be adventurous! There are tons of fonts available to use in your designs, don’t be afraid to experiment.