Explaining Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are short animations that allow brands to tell their story in a concise, entertaining and memorable way.

If done well, an explainer video has the ability to communicate an abstract concept, tell an emotional story and deliver a call-to-action – making a strong impact on target viewers in less than two minutes.

Don’t just list facts, tell a story.

An explainer video is often the first thing a visitor notices on a homepage or landing page. Leverage this opportunity by making an emotional connection with viewers. How?

It is important to communicate WHY you are doing what you do. Describing your product/service is key, of course, but telling a more holistic story that says something unique about your brand can help you engage with your target audience on a deeper, more emotional level.

Another key component is to make sure the tone of the visuals and the audio used to tell the story reinforce the emotional connection you are trying to make. All elements of the video should be in line with the overall positioning of your brand.


Here’s a great example of a short video explaining Starbuck’s Mobile Order feature. Instead of an email or an article, this video illustrates the benefits to customers and demonstrates ease of use. Strong use of brand colors run through the illustrations and speak to the targeted audience, reinforcing the brand while explaining a new concept in an easy to understand storyline.


Parting thoughts

Explainer videos are an investment in an organization’s brand and image, one that’s especially useful when launching a new idea or communicating a concept to a broad audience. Though production time and cost is a consideration, having a well-crafted narrative for your company that can live on your website and be shared via social media can be invaluable.

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