Three Steps To Uncovering What’s Working + What’s Not

1. We’ll confirm your goals and objectives, then coordinate and share access

2. We conduct a 100+ point inspection for each of your existing campaigns

3. We’ll deliver and present an in-depth presentation that’s yours to keep

Learn what’s going well + where you may be wasting money

Creative formats are constantly changing – everything from the platforms, to the targeting options, to the creative formats is constantly in flux. Our team has successfully completed dozens of checkups for companies of all sizes and scales -- giving us a wealth of experience + expertise. What that means for your marketing:

  • Performance will gradually decline over time
  • The same clicks and engagements start increasing in cost
  • Your reach will narrow, annoying some customers and making you disappear for many potential customers

Request Your Checkup

Don’t just learn what’s broken.
Learn how to fix it.

Identify Wasted Spend

Our checkups have revealed millions of dollars in wasted spend for clients large & small. An independent checkup will provide you with a transparent accounting of where every dollar went, and what return it produced (if any) for your business.

Uncover New Opportunities

Our checkups will help you uncover opportunities to increase campaign performance and improve your overall ROI - which often means getting much more without spending more.

Maximize Your ROI

In addition to quantitative performance data for your digital marketing campaigns, our checkups include actionable recommendations for what to do next -- and regardless of whether you choose to work with us, the checkup is yours to keep and use however you'd like.

What’s Included

Every checkup is completed by a senior member of our team with years of in-platform experience - not an automated tool. The checkup itself is a customized slide deck that provides an honest assessment of your overall digital marketing performance, along with in-depth performance reviews for each platform, an evaluation of your data capture & data passback structures, a gap analysis, and what we think you should do next.

The whole thing only takes 2-4 weeks. Think about that - you could be taking your business (or your boss’ business) in a whole new direction in only a month. Your fully-customized review will include a detailed assessment of the following:

  • Overall assessment of your current marketing efforts
  • Platform-by-platform performance and recommendations
  • Missed opportunities & wasted spend report
  • Website health and performance assessment
  • Data capture, measurement & tracking assessment
  • Market opportunity gap assessment
  • Actionable recommendations and next steps

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