Warschawski Announces Annual Super Bowl Advertising Top Ten Winners And Losers

BALTIMORE – February 6, 2018 – Warschawski, a full-service advertising, marketing, digital, public relations, branding, web design, creative and crisis communications agency, released its list of the 2018 Super Bowl advertising top winners and losers. Compiled by CEO, David Warschawski, this much anticipated annual ranking lists the best and worst ads and provides the foundation for David to provide media commentary on such topics as ad effectiveness, new trends, and the return on investment for Super Bowl ads.

David is a respected advertising industry expert, published author, and contributor to numerous national and international media outlets ranging from CNBC to National Public Radio (NPR), from PBS to Germany’s highly regarded Der Spiegel to New Zealand’s biggest radio station. His annual Super Bowl report receives coverage from regional media, marketing communications media and national and international media outlets.   

Warschawski employs a proprietary approach in creating the Warschawski Top Ten Winners and Losers List of Super Bowl Advertising – see the full list below.  Our W-Best (The Warschawski BEST) Model allows us to measure the success of any advertisement or marketing piece, and it is how Warschawski once again ranked this year’s Super Bowl ads. Ads are scored by the categories below on a scale of 1-10, with a total score of 40 being the highest.

Brand-centric: Does it clearly reinforce the brand & what makes the brand unique?
Emotional connection: Does it make an emotional connection with a specific target audience?
Stand out: Does it stand out from its competitors and is it memorable?
Target achieved: Does it have a clear target audience & does it achieve a business goal with that target?

Warschawski’s 10 Best Ads of Super Bowl 2018, in order:

  1. Tide, “It’s Another Tide Ad Series”
  2. Doritos & Mountain Dew, “Blaze vs. Ice”
  3. Rocket Mortgage,” Make the Complex Simple”
  4. Budweiser, “Stand by Me/Water Bottling”
  5. Pringles, “Wow!”
  6. Jeep “Wrangler/Anti-Manifesto”
  7. RAM, “Vikings/We Will Rock You”
  8. Michelob Ultra, “We Like Beer”
  9. NFL, “Eli Manning and Odell Beckham Jr./ Dirty Dancing”
  10. Tourism Australia, “Crocodile Dundee”

Warschawski’s 10 Worst Ads of Super Bowl 2018 in order:

  1. Diet Coke, “Twisted Mango”
  2. Square Space, “Make it Happen with Keanu Reeves”
  3. Stella Artois, “Water.org with Matt Damon”
  4. Amazon, “Alexa Lost Her Voice”
  5. Intuit TurboTax, “The Monster under the Bed”
  6. T-Mobile, “Change Starts Now/Little Ones”
  7. Intuit TurboTax, “Ghost/Noise in the Attic”
  8. Kraft, “Family Greatly”
  9. WeatherTech, “American Factory”
  10. Lexus, “Marvel Studio’s Black Panther/Long Live the King”

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