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In today’s fast-paced business world, marketers, entrepreneurs and business owners are searching for the best way to measure the effectiveness of their marketing efforts. Everyone is measuring everything, all the time. However, lost in this sea of data is a fundamental question: are we actually measuring what matters?

This webinar will examine what constitutes a “metric that matters” (complete with some real-world examples), then work through how metrics can be created, tracked and benchmarked.

Participants will walk away with an understanding of how to:

  • Identify, Create & Track metrics that matter throughout every stage of the customer’s buying journey
  • Tie each of those metrics to bottom-line outcomes to track & benchmark results
  • Use metrics that matter to inform and adjust business strategy

About the Host

Sam Ruchlewicz, Director of Digital Strategy & Data Analytics

Sam is widely recognized as a rising star and thought leader in digital marketing and data analytics. Sam has been a driving force behind Warschawski’s transition to a digital-first, data-driven agency, with one of the highest concentrations of Google AdWords and Analytics certified professionals in the region. He is a columnist and contributor to some of the industry’s most respected publications, including Digital Marketing Radio, Marketing Insider, Duct Tape Marketing and Convince & Convert. He is frequently invited to speak at regional, national and international marketing and industry conferences about digital marketing and data analytics.