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Marketing professionals are expected to do more than conceive of, design and execute campaigns across platforms – they’re also expected to show the impact those campaigns and initiatives have on their organization’s bottom line. Fortunately, marketers have access to huge amounts of data, at scales and levels of detail that were previously unimaginable. This helps marketers measure campaigns effectively and clearly demonstrate the ROI for their efforts.

There are a massive number of approaches for measuring the success of marketing communications initiatives and many different metrics that can be used to quantify the impact of campaigns and how they impact the bottom line. It is essential to have clarity up front about your goals, as well as what metrics would be most useful in determining whether or not they were achieved.

This webinar examines campaign metrics and addresses how to evaluate good data, measure audience engagement and meet the desired goals of your campaign.


Participants will walk away with an understanding of how to:

  • Determine useful metrics and units of measurement
  • Evaluate the quality of data
  • Weigh the quality of media and digital content
  • Measure audience engagement
  • Weigh acceptable proxy

About the Host

Sam Ruchlewicz, Vice President, Digital Strategy & Data Analytics

Sam is widely recognized as a rising star and thought leader in digital marketing and data analytics. Sam has been a driving force behind Warschawski’s transition to a digital-first, data-driven agency, with one of the highest concentrations of Google AdWords and Analytics certified professionals in the region. He is a columnist and contributor to some of the industry’s most respected publications, including Digital Marketing Radio, Marketing Insider, Duct Tape Marketing and Convince & Convert. He is frequently invited to speak at regional, national and international marketing and industry conferences about digital marketing and data analytics and was the host of this PRSA webinar.