Brand Is The Foundation

Without brand clarity, it is difficult to create powerful marcom strategies that move your target audience to action in relevant, consistent, and repeatable ways.

Whatever your branding challenges, we’ve been there, done it and created great success! We know how to make your target audiences stand up and take notice and create that winning emotional connection.

Sometimes that means we help organizations build brands from scratch, and sometimes it means we help organizations research, refine and/or redefine their brand and their target audiences. And sometimes it means helping to create a new brand hierarchy and structure for how multiple brands play together.

Our Proprietary Approach

Based on our deep experience and expertise in the brand-building arena, Warschawski created a proprietary strategic approach, BrandMaPR (pronounced Brand-mapper), to ensure that all communications initiatives clearly and consistently reinforce an organization’s brand. This brand-centric and business goal-oriented model helps organizations increase marketshare and mindshare with the direct goal of positively impacting its bottom line.

The etymology of the word BrandMaPR stems from what Warschawski views as the ideal marketing communications model – clarity of an organization’s brand (Brand) leads to the creation of powerful brand-centric marketing programs (Ma) that by their very nature must have strong PR and social media opportunities built into them (PR).

How Our Approach Is Different

Too many agencies approach marketing, advertising or PR tasks from a silo mentality with little understanding of how their work should affect the overall brand and the organization’s business goals.

Often, the end result is that slick marketing programs are created that have little relevance or impact in reinforcing the brand or helping achieve business goals. In fact, the approach of style over substance often can be detrimental to growing the brand and its resonance among its target audience.

Warschawski takes a very different view and strategic approach

  1. Through BrandMaPR, Warschawski works with clients to first clarify their brand – the fundamental emotional experience an organization wants its target audience to have with its product or service at every touch point. Once the brand is clarified, Warschawski develops marketing and advertising programs that consistently reinforce and strengthen its brand position among its target audience.

  2. These brand-centric marketing programs must have strong PR and social media campaigns built into them so that they are a natural extension and complement to the marketing program. The PR opportunities must also be focused on the core target audience and further serve to reinforce the brand – giving it power and strength to stand out in the marketplace.

  3. When done correctly, this is a model that can be repeated over and over to create a “surround sound” experience that consistently grows and strengthens the brand’s resonance among its core target audience.

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"It truly has been a pleasure working with the Warschawski team. Warschawski's expertise in branding, media relations and crisis communications has helped The Community College of Baltimore (CCBC) successfully increase visibility, credibility and name recognition among its key audiences. Warschawski's expansive knowledge and expertise on branding was instrumental in helping CCBC successfully identify its brand DNA."

Mary De Luca Sr. Director of Public Relations